"Crossing the US/Canadian border can seem like a daunting task. I've had artists cancel shows or refuse to perform in Canada because of the fear of being refused entrance into Canada. There is a simple solution to the problem. It's called Border Entertainment.

Shiela Cosco can handle all the paperwork necessary to make a smooth border crossing. Whether it's Immigration, Customs, Tax or Labor Law issues, Shiela can make sure the proper paperwork has been completed. She makes everyone's job easier." Gil Cunningham| Neste Event Marketing | Brentwood, TN

Welcome to Border Entertainment

DOES your equipment need customs clearance? Can you bring your recreational vehicles or recreational toys temporarily into Canada? Not sure what to tell diligent border agents when entering and leaving Canada or the US?

Welcome to Border Entertainment, a cross border service company providing the entertainment industry business consultation and ease when moving between the United States and Canada–saving time, money and delays.